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About Walrus Fisheries

The Huelin family has been involved with the fishing and shellfish industry for over 40 years. Geoff Huelin followed in his father Winston’s footsteps to continue the family fishing business, while his Mother, Julie, for many years ran the very successful Mortehoe Shellfish restaurant. Julie's daughters have continued this business, not only selling fresh seafood and delicious takeaway lobster and crab platters, but also mouth-watering, freshly cooked fish & chips too. Mor-Shellfish-T-Eat is located in the heart of Mortehoe village (see our Links page for more information).

Years ago, the fishing business started very simply with a small two-man boat potting along the coast from Mortehoe to Baggy Point. At the end of each fishing trip, both the day’s catch and the boat itself had to be hauled up the steep cliff with back-breaking effort in MorteWells Cove where it was “moored” until the next trip!

As years progressed, and the business prospered, so technology advanced. The "Nautilus", a somewhat larger and more robust boat (!), took over the task for the next ten years, followed by the long-serving "Walrus" from which the business took it's name. Today, it is "Our Jenny" that fishes out of Ilfracombe harbour as far as Lundy Island to bring back the best shellfish that North Devon has to offer.
Click here to watch a short film about potting on "Our Jenny" as part of the North Devon FLAG funded project "Boat Stories" which tells the varied stories of people whose lives revolve around fishing in North Devon.




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